Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6D

65 I Street SW

Washington, DC 20024




January 10, 2005


The meeting was convened at 7:02p.m.


Present: Commissioners Assalaam, Litsky, Moffatt, Siegel, Skolnik, Sobelsohn, Williams


1.      Agenda

The agenda was approved with amendments. Commissioner Siegel added two issues: a zoning appeal Eastern Trans Waste of Maryland for renovations to a trash transfer station in Southeast; and the proposed closing of five alleys on 1st Street between L and M Streets SE.


Motion:  Commissioner Sobelsohn moved that the meeting end by 9:30 pm.  The motion was seconded by Commissioner Williams and passed without objection.


2.      Community Concerns

Gene Solon expressed his concerns about the baseball stadium, Waterfront Mall, and the functioning of ANC 6D and the Southwest Neighborhood Assembly.



3.      Commissioners Concerns

Commissioner Williams reported on her activities in relation to the job search for the Administrative Assistant.


Commissioner Litsky announced a luncheon cruise this Saturday on the Odyssey for military patients at Walter Reed Army Hospital and urged local residents to attend.


Commissioner Skolnik talked about the City’s new text alert system and urged everyone to become informed about it.  He also said that he hoped to invigorate the ANC’s community granting process.


Commissioner Williams expressed her concern about people stapling or otherwise marring trees by posting flyers and advertisements, and stated that stapling anything to trees is against the law.


4.      Police Report

Officer Garner delivered a summary of recent crime statistics.


5.      King/Greenleaf Recreation Center

Marcus Ellis the director of the new King/Greenleaf Recreation Center presented information on when it will open, what facilities will be available, and what kind of programs the facility will feature.  He said while it was primarily an athletic facility, there would be classes, the Greenleaf Garden senior center, and meeting space.  He also said that while there would be no membership fee for the Center, there would be charges for various programs. He spoke about staffing levels, hours, and said the center would be open within two to three weeks.  He assured the Commission that the Center was working with the schools in the community, and said he would look into doing outreach to the HIV/Aids community.


6.      L’Enfant Plaza Redevelopment – JPG Construction

Bob Elliot and David Jacobs of JPG Construction presented their plan for the redevelopment of L’Enfant Plaza, including a new home for the Children’s Museum, a new office building and 230 units of rental housing, as well as retail on the Plaza level, to be designed by Cesar Pelli, with an expected completion date of Summer 2008 for the museum.  They are seeking approval for their concept scheme for the Commission on Fine Arts, before which they are appearing at the end of March.  They said they had not yet developed a plan for programs to meet community needs.  They were requested to provide the Commission with written documentation, including information on traffic flow and parking, including school buses so that the Commission could take action at its next meeting.


7.      Liquor License Renewals: H2O and Zanzibar

Commissioner Litsky reported on his attendance at an ABC hearing on Zanzibar, and he is supposed to meet with the owner and his attorney within the next two weeks.  There is a status hearing on February 16th.  He reported that H2O is still a concern and that the ABC already has a large number of complaints about traffic, noise, streets being closed, etc.


8.      National Association of Realtors – Tom Heinemann

Tom Heinemann presented a new National Association of Realtors brochure on home ownership that was publicly available.


9.      Alley Closing in Southeast

Commissioner Siegel reported that a developer had applied to the Office of the Surveyor to have five alleys closed in a single block between 1st Street and New Jersey Avenue, and M and L Streets SE, without a hearing, even though five different people own the properties.  It was agreed to table a discussion of possible ANC action until there was more information available at the next ANC meeting.


10.  Trash Transfer Station Zoning Appeal

Commissioner Siegel reported that Eastern Trans Waste of Maryland had filed an appeal to the Board of Zoning Appeals for erroneously denying them a license to renovate the transfer station by installing a new scale and making other repairs to the weigh station for damage caused by Hurricane Isabel.  It was agreed to table the discussion to the February meeting to see if more information is available.


11.  Election of Officers

Chair: Commissioner Siegel nominated Commissioner Litsky

            Commissioner Assalaam nominated Commissioner Williams

            Commissioner Litsky was elected.

Vice-Chair: Commissioner Siegel nominated Commissioner Moffatt

                   Commissioner Moffatt was elected by acclimation

Secretary: Commissioner Williams nominated Commissioner Sobelsohn

                  Commissioner Sobelsohn was elected by acclimation

Treasurer: Commissioner Williams nominated Commissioner Skolnik

                  Commissioner Siegel nominated Commissioner Siegel

                  Commissioner Skolnik was elected.


Commissioner Assalaam thanked the community for its support during his tenure and urged the community to stand united for its interests.


There was a discussion of a transfer of the Treasurer’s files, changing the signature cards at the bank and other small administrative issues.


12.  Waterfront Consultant

There was a discussion of Commissioner William’s proposal to hire a consultant to guide the Commission on developing a package of community amenities for the Waterfront development proposal.  The discussion focused primarily on cost, including an hourly rate vs. a lump sum, the question of how many hours would be needed, what kind of budget would be needed, and whether other ANCs used consultants. The discussion was tabled until more information was available.


13.  Minutes

The minutes for October, November and December were moved by Commissioner Moffatt, seconded by Commissioner Litsky, and approved, with Commissioner Sobelsohn abstaining, and Commissioner Williams voting against all three months.


14.  Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer reported that the checking account had an opening balance of  $27,880.94, and the savings account has a balance of $5,077.54.   Petty cash has a balance of 72.21, for a total of $33,030.69.  The closing balances were $27,169.71 in the checking account, $5,078.62 in the savings account, and $62.74 in the petty cash account, for a total of $32,311.07.  Motion:   Commissioner Siegel moved to approve a petty cash expenditure of $9,74 for office supplies. It was seconded by Commissioner Litsky, and passed with one abstention by Commissioner Williams. Motion:  Commissioner Siegel moved the approval of a $25 expenditure for the DC Security Fund.  It was seconded by Commissioner Sobelsohn, and passed with Commissioner Williams abstaining.


15.  Audience Comment

Audience comment focused on the projected cost and functions of a consultant; mobilizing to work on community development and amenities in relation to the stadium; the Southwest Neighborhood Assembly elections; and the functioning of the ANC.  Ms. Coles raised a question about a disabled ramp at 1st and M Street, and was told it would be looked into.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:55 pm.


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